We offer a variety of fiber optic cabling solutions: indoor, outdoor, loose tube, tight buffered. Do you require a high speed backbone or point to point installations within a building complex? Would you like to run fiber to the desktop? Let our professionals guide you through your fiber optic cable installation. We pride ourselves on efficient, high quality, cost effective fiber optic cabling installations.
Installations are designed to satisfy current network needs but have added flexibility for future growth or integration. Continuous training augments the diversity and experience of our project management and assures maximum effectiveness for all our installations.
Routing of voice conversation over an Internet connection is the latest in new technology. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provides a cost effective option for business and residential locations. Wired or Wireless has extensive experience installing sophisticated systems by 3Com and now Samsung IP telephony systems by utilizing a data link between the phone equipment and a PC or LAN. Wired or Wireless also has considerable experience installing wired phone system networks.
n recent years it has become apparent that fiber optics are steadily replacing copper wire as an appropriate method of communication signal transmission. Wired or Wireless will design, install, and provide maintenance for all your fiber optics needs. Wired or Wireless is able to build an entire network based on high data transfer between buildings, locations, and/or radios.