Provides free quotes, and design services for business phone systems, data networking, surveillance systems and business phone/internet services. Scotts Valley California.
We provide the latest in industry standard TIA/EIA cabling.  A proper network cabling installation will provide a company with consistency in wiring, saves time and money when troubleshooting, and supports growth.  From a basic network of CAT5E to the most advanced wiring currently, Fiber Optic and CAT 7 wire, our professional cabling staff can support your network cabling needs!
Most of this type of cable is for voice and data use, although now becoming very popular to run your companies audio and video network as well.  We test all of our installations to ensure you are receiving the highest quality connections.  We can provide a print out of testing results for your records.  All cabling is labeled and tested every time for easy adds, moves or changes!


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