Advanced Connections Inc. is dedicated to the design, installation and management of paging systems — from the simplest paging system to complex mass notification solutions. ACI specializes in loudspeaker/horn paging, intercom, sound masking and mass notification systems. Critical to the communication strategy of your building’s infrastructure, paging technology is a reliable and cost effective means for managing your communication needs. Rely on ACI’s suite of notification systems to improve operating efficiencies, response times and cost savings.
Data Network Cabling solutions for any commercial, industrial, medical office, building or structure. Advanced Connections Inc. is available to service small to enterprise buinesses and give our full attention to any project. Our Staff is BICSI certified in order to provide the highest level of assurance that all of our design and installation services are compliant with stringent and regulatory industry standards.
Advanced Connections Inc. offers Complete Cabling Design and Installation. Voip offers a “smarter” way to integrate technology into today’s company infrastructure. VoIP is a cost effective and efficient means to improve productivity and increase your company’s capabilities of communicating via computer smartphone or tablet. Voip Technology offers significant benefits including Integrated and Unified Communicationns.


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