We work with businesses throughout the Long Island and New York area on providing them with a unique plan for surveillance to best suit their company. We want to help businesses control losses from theft and stop unnecessary vandalism. Through the use of closed-circuit television (CCTV), we set up quality surveillance for your business. We work with area banks, casinos, airports Medical offices and military sites for optimum protection. Whatever your business, you can trust that Advanced Network Services will create a unique, individualized plan and design that best suits your company’s needs.
We proudly work on all types of PBX Systems and have partnered with NEC to provide you with VOIP/PBX telephony system solution in an effort to offer our customers the most affordable pricing. Our team of technicians and communication specialists will work diligently to design a plan that is safe and user-friendly for your company. Our staff listens to the needs of our customers to implement a system that best suits your business needs. By working together, we are able to design a plan that only you can view as the best for the success of your business.
Advanced Network Services currently provides many packages for you to select from. These packages include several digital phones with voicemail and on and off site IP Telephones. This particular package comes with user training and a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty. Need something different? Select from one of our other plans to meet the specific needs for your business.


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