ATI business phone systems specializing in Cloud Phone Systems and VoIP Systems from ShoreTel and Mitel providing sales, installation, service and support. ATI offers, installs and supports the award winning ShoreTel & Mitel VoIP business phone system solutions at your office. Phones on the desks, switches, servers, gateways in the cloud. Let ATI take it off your hands. Call Recording, Contact Centers, Mobility, Disaster Recovery, Office Virtualization, Data Storage, Etc.
An IP or “Internet Protocol” Phone system is the technology from which all new phone systems operate. Simply put it allows your phone system to send information over your data network. There are many advantages an IP phone system can bring you just besides being “New Technology.” Imagine if you opted not to adopt the email platform, but stuck only with your fax machine. Although you could get your message across, just think of all the features of email you’d miss out on.


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