We specialize in all aspects of creating custom IT infrastructures, including configuration of reliable data and/or telecommunications equipment, professional installation of your data and voice cabling system, and overall network security. Your system will be designed to fit your business needs using high-performance equipment from some of the world’s leading vendors, partnered with customer service that is second to none.
Whether your project is as simple as the addition of a network drop or as complex as the design and installation of a complete data and telephone system for a national corporation, your solution is waiting at AC&C.
At AC&C, we have the technical expertise to design all types of copper and fiber-optic cabling projects using flexible patching and cable management systems that give you the ability to expand and enhance your network communication as your company’s needs change. Wiring is at our core, and we can pull all types of cable to suit your specific needs: from AV to CCTV, to complete alarm systems. We also offer cable system design, installation, and maintenance, including emergency restoration services.


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