American Telecom is a Pittsburgh based business communications provider with over 40 years of experience. American Telecom offers solutions for all types of business, with particular focus to their voice and data needs. Through collaborative efforts with our partners, American Telecom offers hardware and software for a complete turnkey design. We thrive on solving unique challenges for customer, large and small. Our platforms are application based and custom built for each client. Our dedicated staff members are trained by the manufacturer and are available to answer any questions to ensure complete customer satisfaction.
American Telecom develops a personalized business communication solution including a combination of hardware, software, and internet recommendations. While a hosted VoIP solution coupled with mobile messaging may work best for one business, it may not be the best for all businesses. American Telecom crafts and implements the best solution for each business we work with. With over forty years of experience, American Telecom utilizes proven industry methods to deliver a perfectly executed technology solution.
Businesses require professional training and support in order to maximize the desired features and benefits of their new communications solution. American Telecom offers personalized on site group sessions, individual training, and advanced instruction for the administrator. Our highly trained and certified staff reviews all of the features, basic and advanced, that allow the end user to operate their communications system with complete ease! We provide complete on-going education and support for the lifetime of the system.


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