We help customers specify solutions and make informed purchasing decisions around technologies, applications and relevant standards.
Cable bundling services are designed to ease installation of simultaneous cable pulls. These services reduce on-site cable handling and preparation time, which allows skilled laborers to focus solely on installation and testing. Cable preparation services allow for smoother and more cost effective installation of multiple cable circuits. These services can be tailored to meet your requirements. Reduce labor costs by having Anixter remove manufacturer packaging from your shipment ahead of time. We can consolidate goods and repackage as requested.
As leaders in the supply of industrial fasteners and hardware, we offer valuable skill and insight to our customers. We offer a variety of services, including full service provider, custom kitting, subassembly and inventory consignment options such as direct line feed (DLF) to streamline supply and minimize costs. Our full service engineering expertise takes your project from conception to production and beyond while improving efficiency and lowering costs.


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