Based upon construction blueprints, Black N Gold’s technicians will estimate the required quantities of cable, jacks, and other materials needed to complete the job. The technician will run the cable, test it, add jacks, faceplates, and label all lines. Our technicians will work closely with you and your contractor to ensure that our job is completed within the required time frame.
Black N Gold’s technicians are experienced at running lines in any type of environment, including closed walls and ceilings, and concrete structures. Based upon the needs of the customer, the technician will choose the most appropriate installation method.
No matter the construction material, we can relocate phone and data lines to meet your needs. Black N Gold’s experienced technicians can quickly diagnose and repair problem lines, including fiber optic lines. We can terminate all types of cables to their applicable connectors, standard voice and data cables (RJ11, RJ45) as well as fiber optic to unicam LC, SC, FC, and ST connectors.


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