We specialize in the installation and sale of Voice and Data Cabling (Category 5E, Category 6, Fiber Optics), Closed Circuit TV (CCTV), Interactive Classroom Technology-Provided by Educational Advancements.
Fiber Optics backbone is becoming the best choice for cabling needs because of the low cost and ease of installation. Cabling Specialists, Inc. will use high quality fiber and reliable optic cabling to suit your fiber needs. Call us today to find out more about our Fiber Optics termination and testing services.
We are dedicated to our customers and ensure that our technicians will take a professional approach in all situations. We will continually use the highest quality products and exude excellent customer service in all situations.
Most networks and systems can easily be extended between equipment rooms and around campuses using fiber optics, but there is always a need for some copper distribution in the backbone to support various analog and security applications. Cabling Specialists, Inc. can design and build campus distribution systems to support just about any application.


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