Cabling & Wireless Solutions of TX., Inc. provides state-of-the-art communications and security systems to school campuses, county and state governmental agencies, and small and large businesses.We design and install WiFi networks, access control and video surveillance systems, fiber optic and data cabling, and phone systems throughout Texas and the nation.
Network cabling is an important component of a network system. Our team works with you to design a network cabling infrastructure that will meet your needs based on your logistical, physical, and technical demands. In addition to designing your network cabling infrastructure, we can install complete cutting edge racking and cable cabinet systems. Our cabling systems will deliver a clean and professional data room that will complement your space.
ideo surveillance and digital closed circuit TV (CCTV) systems are the foundation to all security system solutions. Cameras deter theft and fraud in conjunction with digital recorders that allow you to document all events occurring in your school or business. You will also have access to manage this visual information from any location.
CWS takes great pride in our phone system installation, testing and certification procedures. Our main goal is complete customer satisfaction through the highest quality workmanship, top quality equipment and built-in upgrade capabilities for your systems and network. Our industry knowledge and expertist can ensure the best protection of your Voice and Data systems investment.


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