Whether you are installing a brand new computer or telecommunications system or are simply looking to update faulty or outmoded wiring, it is essential to contract a structured cabling installation company that has the experience and expertise to get the job done right. Not only is it imperative to comply with industry standard cabling and code requirements but nothing is worse than an office with unsightly wiring hanging in the workplace.
Carlson Cabling can provide digital phone installation services to help your business take advantage of more advanced digital capabilities. Since the days of Alexander Graham Bell, analog telephone service was the industry standard and for the most part remains so today. Unfortunately, there are some inherent problems with analog phone service from a business perspective in that calls are far from secure and outdated wiring systems need to be installed to handle large volumes of telephone traffic, voice or data.
This is where the services of a knowledgeable and experienced CCTV & surveillance systems installation team are best able to help you. Not only will you need to determine what type of system to put in place but you will also need to know how to configure it so that the areas which are most vulnerable can be monitored. Carlson Cabling Inc. has been serving Chicago for more than 20 years with a team of professional and certified technicians who can help you make those determinations.


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