Clawson Communications, Inc. specializes in voice, data, video and fiber optics communications cabling for inside and outside plant campus infrastructures and municipalities. With offices in Greenwood and Ft Wayne, our tenured staff consists of an array of well-experienced personnel and we provide continual education and training to our staff to ensure our practices are up-to-date with industry standards. We guarantee an assigned expert for all projects, one who is accountable from infrastructure design to project completion all the while delivering outstanding customer service and quality workmanship.
Clawson Communications, Inc. has made a commitment to have all of our technicians trained in the latest communication standards. To maintain our focus on quality, we have developed and implemented the means to ensure that our employees will have access to the telecommunication industry’s leading training programs. Currently we have over 40 certified installers and 2 RCDD’s (Registered Communications Distribution Designer) on staff.


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