Whether you need 1 or 300 cables pulled, tested or certified, your project is completed on-time and on-budget. Our techs can be dispatched to your office within hours.
Our certified network & data cable installation professionals are standing by to assist you with your network upgrade.
Because fiber optic communications are based on the transmission of light, rather than electricity, data packets maintain their integrity over much longer distances. The glass-based cables don’t conduct electricity, so fiber optic conduits can be placed alongside electric lines with no compromise to data transmission. Grounding is not necessary, and the cabling is resistant to high-voltage electrical discharges from lightning and other sources. Your corporate requirements for speed, bandwidth, integrity & security of data transmission may lead to fiber optic cabling. Fiber optics transmit data much faster – and in much greater volume – than CAT 5e or CAT 6 copper cabling.


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