The team at Cyberverse includes systems engineers, network technicians, facilities specialists and security experts. Their services are available on-demand to perform any necessary on-site procedures, from restarts to network design and set-up anywhere in the Los Angeles area.
Cyberverse’s infrastructure is ideally configured to optimize all three main categories of cloud services: Software as a Service (SaaS), where software is accessed online rather than resident in a user’s computer; Platform as a Service (Paas) which provides tools and storage for app development and operation; and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to offer virtual machines and storage over the Internet.
One of the most commonly expressed concerns with cloud computing has to do with data security. To address this, Cyberverse can set up a private cloud platform implemented to your technical and budgetary specifications. And unlike data centers where you share rack space with other users who then have physical access to your servers, Cyberverse has specially engineered cabinets with self-contained units that prevent unauthorized access.


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