DataComm can provide Planning, Design, Guidance and higher-level technical expertise under your organization’s management, while a less experienced staff member of your organization can work directly with DataComm to provide a constant presence in your organization, performing routine maintenance at the lowest prudent cost.
Our support service engineers are fully equipped & supported. From advanced field diagnostic tools, to our research and development lab. Get a technology solution designed for your specific business needs – from the ground up, or the top down.
Local, Regional, or National, one-time or staged, DataComm will work with you to handle all the logistics. If needed DataComm can coordinate with multiple vendors at every stage to ensure a successful implementation.
DataComm examines all the critical areas of your infrastructure that impact performance & availability – server hardware, system software, applications, workstations, printers, network hardware, physical environment, communications systems and even IT management practices and procedures.


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