A structured cabling system generally consists of an open architecture, standardized media and layout, standard connection interfaces, adherence to national and international standards, and total system design and installation. Other than the structured cabling system itself, voice, data, video infrastructures have nothing in common except similar transmission characteristics (generally either analog or digital data signals) and delivery methods (conduit, cable tray, raceway, etc.) that support and protect the cabling investment.
Digicom, Inc. is a Hybrid Telephony, Voice Mail, VoIP and SIP Systems Integrator. Digicom Inc. has more than 438 IP, Hybrid PBX and Key Systems installed in 19 states and 3 countries (France, Germany and Mexico).
Digicom, Inc. also provides the design and installation of video and sound communication products and services. Included in this product offering is High Definition Video Conferencing, Digital Signage, Boardroom, Training Room and Classroom video and audio systems. And for the finer installations, audio, video and lighting control systems. In addition, Digicom, Inc. continues to grow its CCTV/Door Access product offerings which ultimately provides you the peace of mind that your assets are safe and secure.


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