Digital Telefones Inc. will provide installation of your telephone system in a neat and professional manner with the future of your business in mind. Placed on a 3 x 4* foot backboard in a utility closet or any out of the way place. The telephone system will be easy to upgrade and make change orders on because installation and wiring of all equipment meets or exceeds industry standards.
Digital Telefones Inc. will move your current telephone system with the same care and professionalism our customers have come to expect from Digital Telefones Inc. We can relocate your telephone system and make it look and feel exactly as it did before the move or Digital Telefones Inc. can custom program your system so it fits perfectly into your new environment.
We provide professional Fiber Optic Cabling and Integration to your communications system. Digital Telefones Inc. provides Fiber Optic solutions to some of our closest competitors because they know Digital Telefones Inc. has the experience and equipment to provide Fiber Optic Solutions in a professional and cost effective manner.


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