Certified Cabling System design and installation including CAT3, CAT5E, CAT6, and Fiber Optic cabling with up to 20 year factory warrantees.
Our ability to talk directly with IT professionals and understand specific job needs, allows DRE to design and install cabling infrastructures that meet the ever changing requirements in the world of data transmission.
Digital Video Surveillance systems in all types of environments including cooler/freezer applications, internet access, and DVR data storage. One of the most exciting products of a high-speed digital network environment is the ability to stream live video. By combining live video with state of the art DVR (digital video recording) technology and Video surveillance can truly become a powerful instrument of security and productivity. Whether it’s a job site that needs 24 hour monitoring from a remote location or a sensitive production process in the Food or Aerospace industries that require historical quality assurance data, CCTV/DVR systems are the answer.


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