Behind every telecommunications system there is a compatible and robust infrastructure to back it up. Although there are many facets to structured cabling installation, here at DTS we have all our bases covered. Our structured wired cabling systems support multi-product and multi-vendor telecommunication networks. We provide copper and fiber work area products or even fiber optic structured cabling units. We give our customers the means to provide offices with comprehensive access to all communication systems. We promise to explain your options, and sit down with you to find the most high-quality and affordable infrastructure for your workspace.
Our team is multi-certified in all parts of the telecommunications industry and will provide our customers the information they need to ensure that updates are applied, and that everything is running smoothly. Our IT services not only provide the most credible solutions, but also construct server builds and customized PC builds. We will make sure that our company caters to each of our clients’ needs, down to the last detail.
DTS can provide businesses with a vast array of phone installation services to make sure that their business and corporate communication is efficient and accessible. We can install all types of systems such as voice command systems, digital and cellular phone systems, satellite phone systems, and legacy systems. Our team promises a smooth and easy transition in order to help businesses grow and be up to date with their digital technology. Our phone services will help you communicate not only in the office, but provide you means to communicate with clients and vendors all over the world.


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