Telecomminication products and services for the telephone and comminications industry. Falcon Communications, Inc. has consistently provided cost effective network solutions to the industry for over 40 years offering equipment, systems integration, engineering, installation, equipment repair, product testing and warranty, broadband, wireless, VoIP, video, outside plant services, Digital Trailer Program, large in-stock inventory, and a 24/7 response.
Falcon Communications provides a variety of equipment installation services which meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s certification standards, and have been delivering turn-key installation solutions for Central Offices
Falcon provides a complete portfolio of network services, including: engineering and product management, network design, operation, and system integration, as well as turn-key installation of Central Office, power, protection, and transmission systems, including fiber optic, and maintenance of any manufacturer’s telecommunications equipment. Additionally, Falcon also provides training and technical support.


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