We provide first-rate products and skilled technicians appropriately selected to fit your business and industry. Our ability to provide needs analysis and budgeting is beyond most. This means your most valuable working asset will be in the hands of a team who has the ability to provide a cost-effective design and dependable installation. First Impulse requires that every installation incorporates your future needs and concerns while being able to provide accurate budgeting and scheduling to insure a seamless transition to your new facility.
At First Impulse we maintain a high level of focus on the design, installation and maintenance of voice and data systems. Continuing the pursuit of knowledge on the latest building techniques and procedures helps us ensure that projects run smoothly and deadlines are met in a timely manner. First Impulse has the resources to assist you with the design of your voice and data systems in a way that will meet your needs.
Our audio and video presentation solutions are ideal for boardrooms, conference rooms, training rooms, high school and college classrooms, executive offices, corporate lobbies, auditoriums, or anywhere that information is shared. We integrate digital signal, speakers, amplifiers, microphones, single and multi-screen projection systems, and video conferencing systems to fit your room environment. We maintain a high level of regard to size, ergonomics and style. We handle various size projects from start to finish including Design Engineering, Rack Builds, Programming, Onsite Installation and System Support.


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