Whether you are building a new Data Center, require a pre-manufactured communications shelter or simply need to upgrade your OSP/ISP Cable Plants, let our dedicated team of engineers and designers provide you with the solution to meet your requirements today as well as prepare your organization for the future.
Fully integrated engineering of racks, cable ladder, AC and DC power applications, Grounding systems, alarms and equipment installation and test. Mounting, installing and incorporating equipment per customer specification-grounding, bonding and isolation hardware implementation
Expert supervision for all facets of the construction phases from ground breaking to final approval by the customer Facility Validation. All testing and integration activities with a quality control factor to meet the Feasibility studies for existing sites and future expansion requirements.
FPCS offers a wide range of professional, certified, DWDMtrained engineers and installers. Our personnel are equipped with the latest installation and test equipment with the ability to provide services in any part of the World.


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