Goss Communications provides voice and data solutions in South Central Texas. We sell, install, and service simple two-line/two-phone systems to more complex multi-line phone systems with hundreds of phone extensions, VoIP (voice-over-internet-protocol) systems, audio-video conferencing equipment, and computers. We also install network cable for voice and data, including fiber-optics. Our technicians average 15 years of telecom experience. Our primary service area includes all of South Central Texas.
Goss Communications installs and maintains varies types of phone systems. What is the best fit for your business is our biggest question. Whether VOIP, digital phone technology, or analog systems the end product must be the same. A solid reliable phone system that fits your business and fits your budget. To better learn what would be the best fit for you business give us a call for a free consultation.
Like many successful businesses, your company’s continued growth can also mean a greater demand for a structured cabling infrastructure that will carry your success into the future. If you are relocating or upgrading, you will want the latest infrastructure system in order to address the changing needs of your computer network and to remain ahead of your competition for years to come. With Goss Communications structured cabling, we can provide the highest performing, standards-based copper solution available. Goss Communication’s structured cabling infrastructure systems will ensure optimum performance and flexibility and provide the longest possible life span before re-cabling or upgrading will be required.


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