We are a full service Information Technology Company! We are Mitel partners and we specialize in the Mitel 5000 and the SX200 ICP systems from Mitel Networks…
We can put a new system in for you and we can do it fast and affordable.
Our Nationally recognized Wireless Nurse Call system utilizes the 900 MHz spread spectrum wireless technology to link your residents to your staff. It allows for incredible scalability and is an affordable, effective Nurse Call solution for your facility. We also provide a module which integrates with the your system for Patient Wanderer needs.
IP telephony – also known as Voice over IP (VoIP) – continues its phenomenal growth as more and more businesses discover the many immediate and long-term benefits migrating to a converged IP network has to offer. What sets a company like HAGEN IT apart is the ease with which we can enable your organization to migrate to IP, and how our products, applications and after-sales service enables you to benefit from, and maximize the power of VoIP.


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