HTF utilizes the telecom industry applications of Chance® Helical Foundations and anchors for foundations for Guyed Towers (including guy wires), Self-Supporting Towers, Monopoles, platform foundations, and shelter foundations.
We offer alternatives to the traditional foundations for the Telecom Structures such as dead-men anchors, drill shafts, driven piles, etc., using helical anchors. “Concrete-less” Foundations are now possible for Telecom Structures with the use of helical anchors. Helical Anchors allow overloaded towers to be augmented relatively easily to handle additional carriers.
“Concrete-less” Helical Foundations are innovative alternatives for sites where concrete can not be used due to location, availability, etc. “Concrete-less” Helical Foundations offer sites where soil conditions are too poor to cost efficiently use other alternatives such as drill shafts or driven piles. Immediately apply loads without having to wait for the start /stop delays associated with formed concrete. There are no excavation spoils allowing wetlands to be developed as tower sites without the need of Wetland Mitigation Banking.
Augmentations are made readily available to tower sites with the use of helical anchors. Helical anchors can add greater capacity in smaller areas allowing much smaller and more versatile pile caps. Helical anchors allow existing tower sites easier access than other deep foundation alternatives such as drill shafts or pile drivers.


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