Cabling acts as the digital nervous system of an organization’s network. Even a wireless network requires a good cabling infrastructure as its foundation. Over the years, we’ve encountered countless organizations spend thousands of dollars on equipment, software and personnel, but can’t figure out why their network is performing slowly. They often purchase more bandwidth from their internet provider and still are not satisfied. When this happens, the cabling infrastructure is usually to blame. IBG’s cabling team has a wealth of experience in wiring networks the right way to provide maximum speed, performance, and scalability. We incorporate best practices to assure your network cabling can deliver the best performance for years to come. Once completed, we also perform annual inspections to make sure the wires are not corroded or otherwise compromised.
In today’s globalized business environment, the need to build strong relationships with partners, suppliers, internal teams, investors and customers is more important than ever. High-quality video and web conferencing solutions from IBG enable you to communicate as effectively as actually being there in person, helping you build the engaging relationships you need for success. IBG enables simple, frequent, quality interactions from wherever you are.


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