IBC is a fully licensed communications contractor. Our experienced master electricians and journeyman are insured and adhere to the strictest code requirements for cable installations. IBC installers receive continual training on the newest technologies and are certified to supply the highest level of service. As a network cabling company, our primary focus is on building structured cabling solutions, video surveillance and commercial wireless access solutions, professionally installing digital key, VoIP and hybrid phone systems and paging systems. We perform phone audit services and cable clean-up and removal services in accordance with building codes.
IBC technicians test and certify all our cabling installations, using the latest technology and equipment backed by extensive manufacturer warranties. Our diversified experience spans many industries, from Fortune 500, single and multi-location corporate offices, educational facilities / schools / universities, health care facilities / hospitals, non-profit organizations, manufacturing, transportation and distribution. Indoor, outdoor, above or below ground – you can find IBC professionals keeping businesses connected.
We are a low voltage union commercial electrical contractor. The heart of our business involves the installation and updating of data and voice cabling, including phone and security systems. We provide office wiring, which is typically comprised of data, voice and video wiring. Our professional installers design well organized structured cabling systems that makes it simple for your IT professional to understand, locate and troubleshoot any future network concerns. We provide detailed layout and design of computer and server rooms, equipment cabinetry, racking and pathways. Our installation sites are easy to navigate with clear labeling and meticulous wire management, fully tested and certified to manufacturer’s specifications.


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