As a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC), InLine has the knowledge and the ability to design and implement Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Wide Area Networks (WAN), and other multi-site networks at the lowest possible cost, with the highest possible reliability and security. InLine’s Network Operations Center (NOC) is located on-net and proactively monitors every aspect of our network and our clients networks 24x7x365. With backup routers in stock, experienced and certified field service engineers and a multi-homed fiber backbone – InLine is the leading value in Internet connectivity.
Looking to bring your company’s internet access up to speed? DSL service from InLine extends affordable, reliable, high-performance access enterprise-wide. With VPN solutions for branch offices or telecommuters, InLine connectivity provides the bandwidth and scalability your employees need to access network resources reliably and securely.
InLine has installed over 140,000 miles of fiber optic cable all over the southeast for major telecom carriers, and for government and business applications including education, public safety and homeland security, transportation, IT, communications, records, and data transfer.


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