Delivering affordable communications solutions to Small and Medium businesses in Northern and Central California by offering the latest telecommunications hardware and software available on the market
Intelecom provides a wide range of solutions for your business communications. we design and implement your network through structured wiring and wire management. Our cable management solutions provide structural support systems which organize, store and secure cabling, and valuable computer, data and communications equipment. Cable management systems include two-post systems, four-post systems, wall, ceiling & under-floor systems, cabling & wireless enclosures, cable management & runway, and accessories.
We provide physical layer management systems which not only simplify the design, build-out and expansion of network infrastructure solutions, but can also deliver valuable information to facilitate the rapid resolution of physical layer faults.
Intelecom offers metal cable pathways/channel, cable runways (ladder rack). Cable pathway systems help organize cables and cords throughout your network. Cable runway is used for horizontal, vertical and backbone pathways and can be installed within and outside of your data room, under raised floors and above acoustic ceilings.


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