We offer telecom systems from small to enterprise-sized businesses with 1 to 128 remote offices and between 5-10,000 telephones such as the Icon Enterprise CS System™ or the Zultys MX250 “All In One” VOIP System that can be purchased as an appliance, can be virtualized with VMware, or can be hosted; with various telephone models, voicemail systems, and call reporting, call recording and monitoring packages.
Our staff installs structured wiring to ensure that your telephone equipment and data network function at optimum speeds and in an organized and neat manner. Within the City of Syracuse, you must hire a licensed low-voltage wiring company to perform these services when a building permit is involved. As a certified Hubbell premise wiring installer, ITS can provide a 25-year Hubbell warranty and can certify the tested and documented performance of these installations to CAT 5E and CAT 6 gigabit standards with our Fluke wiring meter.


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