Jitney Company provides comprehensible maintenance and service to a wide spectrum of customer facilities. We provide traditional services of production, maintenance and support services ranging from modest to highly technical. Our services include but are not limited to general contracting, construction management, electrical, TI work, and telecommunications. Our staff is sensitive to the responsibilities and complexities that deem it necessary to provide and maintain technical support and assistance to our much valued clients.
itney Company, Inc. provides a complete range of commercial/industrial electrical construction services for electric utilities, commercial/industrial facilities, and telecommunication and government agencies. We offer maintenance upgrades and restoration support services for clients across California. Jitney has the capability to complete installations of all spectrums and sizes-ranging from high to low voltage transmissions and controls. Jitney delivers some of the most comprehensive services in the industry.
The construction field is one that is highly-volatile and requires the frequent adjustment of work schedules and change orders and requires flexibility, in order to satisfy our clients needs and deliver the necessary support services. If you are seeking high quality, flexible, affordable and responsible contract performance, Jitney has a reputation and an extensive history of providing such excellent services.


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