J&K Communications has served the telecommunications needs of businesses in the Bay Area for over 20 years with custom networking solutions & business phone systems at highly competitive rates. We provide a variety of products and services with a satisfaction-guaranteed, client-centered approach.
J&K Communications installs cabling for voice systems with cat. 3 and cat. 5E cable, data network systems with cat. 5e, cat. 6, cat. 6A, cable and fiber optic cabling. We install feeder cabling to connect phone closets to MPOEs and we can provide either plenum or PVC cabling networks. All cabling is installed according to industry standards. Cabling is always neatly dressed in, supported, tested and labeled. We can provide cable certification, wire mapping and cable test data printouts. We can clean-up exiting cabling, patch panels and phone terminal blocks by testing and eliminating all non-essential cables.
J&K Communications can provide fiber optics cabling for backbone installations, single-mode or multi-mode applications. We have the option of fiber-optics ducking or armored fiber optics.
J&K Communications can install video surveillance systems for home or business use, including indoor/outdoor, day/night, and network able applications. We carry a variety of manufacturers and can design an individual camera system that is best suited for your surveillance needs.


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