We have the ability to provide a full turnkey service move. The skills needed to perform this service are not commonly available in most data centers. Selecting K&D as your consultant/project manager is the first step towards a successful server/data center move, relocation from one data center floor to another, or collocation. We strive for a stress free migration. The ability to achieve a non-eventful relocation from one data center floor to another takes years of experience to avoid the common pitfalls that can sink such a move. The key is to focus on the critical success factors. We will work with your IT organization to ensure a successful migration.
If you are managing a company situated in Atlanta, you need our cable management in Atlanta to install and manage your cabling needs whatever the purpose intended. Your company or business is largely dependent on having a reliable and dependable phone system and Internet connection and facility.
From a simple telecom wiring testing and inspection to the installation of a fully operational telecom wiring system and Data cabling services, you can rest assured that when we attend to the needs of your company or business, we do our best to perform our tasks around the daily running of your company. We offer a variety of wide ranging telecom wiring services in Atlanta without compromising our skills, to provide you with an enhanced level of telecom wiring services and solutions.


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