KTS Services of Northern CA, Inc. maintains your communications equipment in top working order and provides a high level of support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. KTS Services of Northern CA, Inc. is in the business of providing ongoing service, maintenance and telecommunications management services for business telephone systems.
KTS Services of Northern CA, Inc. markets products from a limited number of manufacturers. This enables KTS Services of Northern CA, Inc. personnel to achieve a higher level of expertise on a single key product line rather than attempting to learn several diverse systems.
KTS Services of Northern CA, Inc. will install and maintain your system to working order as requested. We will also make neccesary changes to fit your needs from phone functionality and voice mail features. We also will move your exsisting system and install into your new place of buisness.
We can implemente multi-pair copper, shielded copper and fiber optic wiring designs for many different customer applications. Our Standard voice/data cable plan includes a Category 5 ( CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6 ) data cable run combined with a Category 3 run in support of your voice system. For high speed data capacity supporting Ethernet and LAN/WAN systems,we provide the necessary throughput and future capacity for most data applications.


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