Laketec not only supports enterprise class VOIP phone systems but also has the in house expertise to support most other areas of your network as well. Network segments like WAN, LAN, server, application, desktop, virtualization, and monitoring are just some of the areas where we are currently supporting our customers.
Today, most organizations are utilizing some combination of public and private cloud based solutions. While these solutions are creating value in their respective areas, deploying, managing, and protecting all of these environments can be extremely challenging, limiting their effectiveness and driving up costs.
Laketec’s Cloud solutions can solve these challenges by designing a unified cloud that allows IT to deliver significant value back to the organization in the form of new services, increased efficiencies that create revenue opportunities, and competitive differentiation. By leveraging our experience and extensive portfolio of cross vendor solutions, we can help you architect and deploy a solution at your own pace and based upon your unique requirements.


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