LMI works primarily with multi-location businesses first to help them determine their user profile — centralized or mobile, sales-oriented or factory driven — then takes into consideration other factors like firm size, plans for growth and state of current network infrastructure to help recommend a solution that not only fits your needs now but is prepared to support your business for the foreseeable future.
For their mobile workforce, businesses are looking for solutions that integrate their desktop and office handset with their cellular phones and their iPad or other mobile device. LMI can outfit your office with new VoIP telephony systems from Avaya/Nortel, ESI and Mitel that allow for such popular features as visual voice mail and follow-me find-me capabilities to ring your desk, your cell, your home office and then back to your corporate voice mail if you don’t pick up.
Pulling structured cables — for a voice, data or cable television network — into your office building may well be one of the sexiest parts of our business when you see the time and precision effort we put into installation. It’s more than about making things neat and tidy; poorly installed and improperly connected cabling can lead to connectivity failures and ultimately disruptions in business productivity.
Network cables running from the street then installed above the ceiling tiles or hidden behind the walls in your office serve as the backbone of your communications and IT infrastructure and deserve as much if not more attention than the high fidelity equipment you hang in your boardroom and the robust servers in your data center.


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