At Mark IV, we realize how crucial your network is to your business. We specialize in all phases of data and telephone network cabling and computer room designs and have worked with clients from a wide range of industries. From a home office to a campus environment, no matter what your business needs are, we can assist you in staying on top of the latest technological advances.
Mark IV provides the total installation, using the highest quality in Category-5e or Category-6 data cabling, shelving, power strips, earthquake bracing, earthquake equipment strapping, factory-manufactured Category-5e/6 Patch Cords and workstation base cords.
Fiber Optics is the most advanced way information can be transferred at greater speeds and over longer distances, sending information through hair-thin glass as opposed to traditional copper wires or wireless systems. Fiber Optic Cabling offers a number of advantages over the traditional copper cabling.


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