Building electrical wiring. Building wiring consists of boxes, conduits, or cables and wire installed in any type of building and is generally associated with convenience outlets for power and lighting with control devices. Design of this wiring is part of what we do on a design-build project and typically consists of developing a power and lighting layout drawing from a client’s floor plan.
Wiring devices can range from the basic such as duplex receptacles for 120 volt power and wall switches for lighting control to high amperage and voltage devices. Lighting control with a standard single pole switch is the norm, but with today’s energy codes, lighting control now often uses any number of sensing devices and controls. Daylight sensors, motion sensors, occupancy sensors, vacancy sensors are common devices in use today. Programmable controllers with some or all of the above inputs are becoming quite common.
Ethernet connections to computer systems with appropriate software enable the customer to monitor power usage for lighting and equipment. If you are wondering where your utility bill dollars go, these systems can put you in the know; to get control of wasteful usage.


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