MTA provides a full suite of communication services and products including local and long distance voice services, broadband and data services, managed services, business continuity, and IP based telephone systems. MTA has developed a propriety methodology for rendering voice services over licensed and unlicensed wireless local loops, and currently has patent pending on these methods and apparatus.
MTA offers a wide variety of analogue and IP based local and long distance voice services. We are a facilities based provider offering IP solutions utilizing softswitch technology and last mile connections via wireless and wireline local loops. We also resell incumbent local exchange carrier services.
MTA maintains 24×7 network monitoring for functions including: bandwidth allocation, monitoring and controlling of network elements, monitoring traffic patterns to detect network over/under-utilization, traffic re-routing, troubleshooting, repairs, and customer resource management. In the rare event of network trouble, MTA is often able to detect the issue before our customer is aware of it. MTA customers enjoy the security of knowing we are on job 24×7.


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