We provide experienced technicians and are affiliated with the IBEW locals in PA, OH, and WV. Our technical staff has up-to-date training on our products. The clients we have had for many years have long-standing relationships and a comfort level with our technicians. We often receive thank you letters raving about our technician’s ability to complete a job that exceeds expectations and finishing the work in a timely manner.
Our services now include: cable infrastructure construction for commercial and university projects, VoIP phone systems, technical site support, and smart hands. We strive to offer specialty IT services for businesses with high telecommunications and data needs. We are able to meet all of your IT needs as well as the needs of all other low voltage applications that are migrating to the Network.
Our phone systems enable end users to assign their extension to a mobile or off-system phone. Users can also assign multiple phones to their extension so that they ring simultaneously. For even greater integration MIS offers call-control clients, which provide full-feature functionality such as extension dialing, transfer, hold, park, etc. on the end user’s cell phone.


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