MIMIR Group offers a full suite of LANDLORD TELECOM SERVICES designed to deliver a clear ROI – for you – the Landlord. We call this the 4th Utility, and it is an area of revenue that has, for the most part been relegated to the carriers due to their expertise and technical kow-how. With more people needing wireless access every day, Landlords are realizing the value-add of managing these services themselves – with professional support that’s firmly on your team.
After the installation, many Landlords and your operations staff would not know if all codes and standards were met or what additional liabilities come with the installation. Our team knows telecom installations. Our detailed report identifies issues and solutions for the Landlord so appropriate actions can be taken.
MIMIR will help landlords/managers develop practical, strategic internal policies regarding the use of your buildings cabling system by new and existing tenants as well as the removal of non-usable cabling by vacating tenants. MIMIR will inform tenants as to the existing providers of telecom and data services at the building and which may best meet the tenants needs, while conforming to the standards set by the landlord.
Our RCDD Cabling Specialists have years of installation experience, ensuring all codes and standards are adhered to throughout every stage of the process. Cable installations should be done with all factors considered, including safety and efficient use of materials. Our professional, structured cabling installations are designed to optimize your building’s telecom systems.


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