National Communications Corporation is leading the way in visual communications, design and systems integration by bridging the distance between people and enabling them to work side by side, no matter where they are. National Communications Corporation offers a complete line of digital technology solutions as well as a robust suite of management systems and services that make designing and implementing your needs easier than ever before. And as a total lifecycle vendor, we’re with you through all phases of the project, from conception, design and installation to continuing support and service, we are there every step of the way.
We are able to offer a variety of video conferencing services. Some of these services include bridging, recording, event monitoring and onsite support. Our equipment is safe, secure, reliable and cost effective.
Preventative maintenance programs can extend their life expectancy and save you the cost of early replacement. Whether you want to set up a regular maintenance schedule or you just need a one-time system tune up, we offer services to help keep your systems running at peak performance.
Every system we install includes operational training for key personnel so they will be confident using it once we have left the site. We offer training and consultation on existing systems for those that have equipment but are not sure how to use it. We can also assist in developing documentation for both new and old systems alike.


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