PCTEL is a global leader in the design and development of innovative antennas and site solutions for Public Safety, Defense, GPS, SATCOM, Industrial Wireless, Oil, Gas, Broadb and Wireless Fleet Management and SCADA applications. PCTEL is a global leader in propagation and optimization solutions for the wireless industry.
PCTEL antennas and site solutions support networks worldwide, including SCADA for oil, gas and utilities, fleet management, industrial operations, health care, small cell and network timing deployment, defense, public safety, education, and broadband access. PCTEL’s performance critical MAXRAD® and Bluewave™ antenna solutions include high rejection and high performance GPS and GNSS products, the industry leading Yagi portfolio, mobile and indoor LTE, broadband, and LMR antennas and PIM-rated antennas for transit, in-building, and small cell applications. We provide performance critical mobile towers for demanding emergency and oil and gas network applications and leverage our design, logistics, and support capabilities to deliver performance critical site solutions into carrier, railroad, and utility applications.


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