Premier techs are fully trained in installing and terminating fiber optic cables. Premier uses state-of-the-art cam-style fiber optic cable connectors. We also offer epoxy and hot-melt termination. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your new cabling infrastructure.
Premier can install and service single-mode and multi-mode fiber. We are also fluent in customer-owned outside plant (COOSP) standards and methods for providing the interconnection of all low-voltage systems within your campus.
Premier can provide long and short-run coaxial drops to provide video throughout your facility. We use Blonder Tongue amp, splitters and video modulators to distribute cable and satellite feeds across your facility. Premier installs and services Edwards Signaling fire alarm systems and 14/2 and 18/2 paired copper wiring to support fire alarm systems. Premier also provides monitoring.
We can help you with your cable routing and telecommunication room organization. Poorly-managed cabling adds additional troubleshooting time and makes re-patching more difficult. We pride ourselves in aesthetics in all of our cabling infrastructure work. An organized patch panel is a time-saving patch panel.


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