We design and install structured, office data/voice/video network wiring/cabling of office computer systems for businesses throughout the US. Data network structured cabling for offices and businesses. We install Cat5/5e, Cat6, fiber and coax. Offices in Washington DC, New York City and Atlanta, GA.
As technology advances, more and more business owners find themselves utilizing more bandwidth for applications and large file transfers but in most cases having to pay a premium for it. Just like T1 was an upgrade technology from DSL, fiber is the next upgrade for traditional T1s. T1 is still the most common internet connection in the business world today, however, with new fiber networks being built out every single day, it may be available to your building right now!
Fiber connections offers business level SLA (Service Level Agreement), which means businesses will get a guaranteed 99.99% of uptime and in the case that there are any issues or outages, our technicians will fix it within a short period of time (typically 4 hours). What does that mean for your business? You get speed, guaranteed uptime and responsive service that is unmatched in the industry.
Fiber also provides your business the flexibility of increasing bandwidth within days compared to traditional T1 circuits which can take up to 30 days for an upgrade. Fiber connections can give you speeds exceeding 1 Gigabyte/second.


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