Instead of simply trying to convince you that you need what we happen to be selling, we focus on satisfying both your unique needs and your budget constraints. To do so, we offer a broad choice of new and refurbished systems from the some of the best manufacturers in the business. Whether you need something as simple as a telephone and voicemail system, or as sophisticated as as Voice-over IP solution with Find-Me/Follow-Me Calling and United Messaging, Richmond Telecom can work with you to develop the system that helps your business work the best.
But our commitment to helping our customers goes far beyond just the products that we offer. We also enable firms to prolong the life-cycle of existing systems with our custom repair and support services. We can work with virtually any system, underscoring our philosophy of giving every customer an individualized experience — even if the phone system itself was purchased somewhere else. Choose either an ongoing service agreement, or contract with Richmond Telecom on an as-needed Time-and-Materials basis: the decision is yours.
In addition, our skilled ICC Elite technicians install telephone and data cabling for a complete communications solution. Each structured cabling project we install is certified and warranted for 15 years….and we offer flexible financing plans to make your investment easy on your company’s bottom line.


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