Our company has the ability to provide the client with its Voice Cabling, Ethernet Cabling, Low Voltage Wiring Services, Network Cabling, Structured Wiring, Riser Cabling, Coax Cabling, CCTV Cabling, IP and Analog Camera’s, NVR and DVR devices, Sound Masking System, Speech Privacy Systems, Nurse Call Systems or Telecommunications needs. From the evaluation and development stage through to providing and executing quality solutions for all your Network Infrastructure needs.
We have the flexibility to provide all your installation needs from Server Room to Intermediate Distribution Frame [IDF]. Let us provide or design all your needs – Telephone Mounting Board Layout – Backboard – Ladder Rack – Cable Tray – Patch Panels – Racks – Cabinets – Conduit [vertical and horizontal] – Shelving.
We provide a variety of options and offer the best Cabling solutions for all of your Low Voltage Wiring needs. Once voice, data, video, and network wiring is identified, the SDS staff coordinates and manages the entire installation to ensure a smooth transition from evaluation to final construction or from Move/Add/Change (MAC) and service to existing systems. The SDS service and installation team works with the client to guarantee satisfaction.


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