SEA Group provides a full range of telephony hardware and services to implement solutions with ultimate flexibility and expandability to ensure that you have the right equipment to build your system even as your requirements change.
Our licensed and certified engineers will analyze your business needs and make targeted recommendations for network improvements that will provide the best return on investment.
SEA Group provides a complete range of software solutions for a broad spectrum of industry segments and applications. You have the ability to integrate with today’s best analytics and business solutions and to expand with future innovations. We also provide VMS Solutions from Axis Communications, Genetec, Milestone, EXACQ and ONSSI. The technology shift to network video does not mean that existing analog investments have to be discarded. SEA Group can integrate your existing analog system into an IP-based solution. Video Encoders are a cost-effective way to integrate analog cameras and gain important benefits of network video.
Owners and lessors of U.S. offices typically spend over 40 percent of their total electricity bill on lighting. It is now possible to achieve up to an 80 percent reduction in those costs through advanced lighting control systems and LED lighting technology. Almost every lighting control system available today is an overlay system.


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