No matter the application (i.e. voice, data, CATV, A/V, WI-FI, DAS…) SNS’s BICSI certified Level I and II technicians and RCDD’s implement BICSI and SNS best practices to insure that all installations meet or exceed industry standards. We understand that the vital data traveling over our infrastructures cannot be impeded or degraded because of a poorly installed cable infrastructure – SNS will not allow that to happen. SNS understands the importance of every facet of an installation including pathways, cable management, terminations, labeling, testing, and documentation.
Secured Network Solutions has the team, equipment and strong past performance necessary to offer complete high quality turnkey OSP copper and fiber cable infrastructures. SNS’s RCDD’s design and insure that all safety and quality standards during an installation are met. SNS’s technicians perform fiber fusion splicing, high pair copper splicing, pathway buildout, cable installs, testing and troubleshooting.


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